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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Page Turner: The Asian American Literary Festival

"The Asian American Writers' Workshop is proud to present Page Turner: The Asian American Literary Festival. Our book bash is like the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend: that hot unabashedly lefty braniac with an awesome sense of humor and a great heart. Open to readers of all backgrounds, Page Turner is the only event of its kind -- a multi-day celebration of the best minds in Asian American arts and politics: Richard Price, Susan Choi, Monica Youn, Jennifer 8 Lee, Tao Lin, Tim Wu, Hari Kunzru, Das Racist, Hari Kondabolu, and nearly thirty other writers.
We're like the TED of Asian American literature, but with more booze and better battle rhymes. Come for the post-identity discourse, high-toned literary hoo-ha, and our warm sense of community. Stay for the cocktail receptions, haiku market, and drunken scrabble. Come back to aaww.org and pageturnerfest.org as we update our full schedule."
As I'll be in New York next weekend, I'm excited to attend Page Turner. AAWW was using Kickstarter to raise funds for the festival and while they've hit their initial $5,000 goal, they're still open to funding for another five days and all the money goes to making the festival that much bigger and better. There are a ton of cool awards available so go check those out. Sadly I won't be in New York in time to attend the Sexy Nerd Party on the sixth, but I will be there on Sunday. And I'm hoping to introduce people to Squabble, the far superior version of Scrabble!


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