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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind

While looking around to see if there were already blogs out there about Asian American writers, I happened upon Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind a few months ago. Started in November 2009, Asia in the Heart covers children's and young adult books set in Asia, children's and young adult books with Asian characters, and also children's and young adult books with characters of Asian descent.

Tarie Sabido, a grad student in Anglo-American literature, blogs from Quezon City (Trivia: QC used to be the capital of the Philippines) and her site does a really nice job of highlighting books from Asia as well as showing us Americans that work from here really does travel worldwide. The site reflects Tarie's passion for children's literature as she features reviews, interviews, and coverage of book award ceremonies and conferences.

There are quite a few other book blogs I've been reading and I'm excited show the rest of them off. I thought I'd start with Asia in the Heart because it stands out from the crowd for the unique overseas perspective it brings. I'm sure you'll agree.


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