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Monday, August 2, 2010

Vote for Hyphen's Lisa Lee & Melissa Hung to win 7x7's Hot 20 Under 40 Contest

Everyone's making their own "20 Under 40" lists aren't they? Leading off their Summer Fiction issue, The New Yorker released their top twenty to much buzz (and some jealousy) a few months ago. Then The Millions released an alternate list. Not to be left out, Granta Magazine put out their list of the twenty best young British novelists. And I'm sure somewhere along the way US Magazine probably did one too.

Well now San Francisco's 7x7 recently announced their "Hot 20 Under 40 Reader's Choice" and they've already gotten into the top twenty tier. Which begs the question why there are more rounds of voting to get to ten, five, and eventually one "winner." I'd probably say the motivation is for more web hits but that would be completely cynical.

Regardless, Hyphen Magazine's publisher and founding editor are on the list and if you know what's great in the world, you should jump over to 7x7's site and vote for them. Lisa Lee and Melissa Hung are competing versus winemakers, non-profit startups, career coaches, fashion bloggers, a drag queen legend, yoga teachers, and photographers. While these are all worthy pursuits and hot in their own right, there's something about running an entirely volunteer staff and producing the premier Asian American magazine that just strikes me as win worthy. I'm sure you agree.

The winner will be announced next Wednesday, August 11th, and there are three round of voting till then. I know I'll be waking up each morning (or more likely afternoon) and immediately casting my vote. Won't you join me?


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